Banking solutions

We prioritize improving the digital experiences of our clients, advisers and employees in financial institutions.

We carry out consulting and implementation of banking solutions for any kind of products: Checking accounts (DDA), Savings accounts (time deposits, certificates, retirement, etc.), Loan accounts, Mortgage accounts, Card Management among others.

Our methodology seeks to create lasting experiences over time that focus on our clients so that they highlight their differential value.

Core Engine

Our Core Engine solution provides:

Data Ledger

Our Data Ledger solution provides:

Cloud Hosting

Our Cloud Hosting solution provides:

Retail Banking

Our Retail Banking solution provides:

We work with a platform that gives our clients full control to make and build what they require. The world’s largest banks have already implemented this technology

01. Core Engine

Banks will now be able to run any product they want, from creating exact replicas of a portfolio of products to creating entirely new ones (including checking and savings accounts, loans and mortgages).
They will also be able to launch and run products that are not normally managed from the core, such as credit cards. We have a Product Library with more than 200 preconfigured financial products such as: buy now and pay later offers, a combination of debit and credit cards and offset mortgages.

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02. Data Ledger

This service gives banks full control over data management. There is a strict separation between product management and the underlying Ledger, this gives banks the ability to modify and release products while maintaining a common code base across all banks
All data is streamed in and out of the ledger in real time, providing rich data streaming for AI and reporting. Ledger can manage sophisticated lines of funds in any asset and denomination, and banks can manage anything from international currencies to crypto to reward points.

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03. Cloud Hosting

We provide cloud-native technology, contain no legacy code, and use state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure, practices, and tools, enabling banks to have the highest level of operational resiliency. Banks can choose our software as a service or can deploy it themselves in public, private and hybrid environments. Our platform runs on the leading cloud infrastructure providers: Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure.
Moving to the cloud gives banks the ability to run their services more efficiently, achieving better cost-to-revenue ratios, reducing capex for on-premises hardware, and achieving a significant reduction in their carbon footprint.

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04. Retail Banking

We take the complexity out of everyday banking and put people in control of their finances.Our solution provides a complete digital platform for retail banks that covers the entire customer lifecycle, from customer onboarding, account opening, and digital service. Deliver exceptional digital apps and customer experiences across all channels, including mobile, web, and wearables.

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