Field Management

We unleash the potential of your work orders with our low code platform.

Automate and integrate workflows from the help desk through back office processes to connect with customers, generating management communities in one place.

You will be able to manage your assets, generate service orders and purchase orders, quote services and be up to date with preventive and corrective maintenance.

Corrective maintenance

Our Corrective Maintenance provides:

Preventive Maintenance

Our Preventive Maintenance provides:

Purchase Order

Our Purchase Order solution provides

We work with a platform that unlocks the potential of your work orders by executing, monitoring and optimizing in record time

01. Corrective maintenance

Report Incidents from start to end with our tool that allows all users of the company to empower themselves in the contingent work of the company’s assets. We make it easy to react to any event with a friendly interface.

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02. Preventive maintenance

Manage your maintenance from end to end and forget about operating in multiple systems. Assign business rules to carry out your processes easily and automatically.

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03. Purchase orders

Automate, connect and centralize your purchase orders. Create customized orders, receive materials and services, and view the end-to-end process, in one place.

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