Solutions for IBM i AS/400 systems

We have the broadest and most fully integrated range of DevOps and IBM i solutions.

We work with ARCAD Software, an open technology platform that combines DevSecOps with Data Protection, applicable to any company and industry that has an IBM AS/400 system.

We use end-to-end automation powered by open source and enterprise tools like Git, Jira, Jenkins, Azure, and more.

Using ARCAD for DevOps provides:

– Faster delivery of value: Deliver new features to end users faster with automation at every phase of the DevSecOps cycle: analysis, quality, security, build, test, deploy, and roll back.

– Taking the complexity out of DevOps: Fully integrated DevSecOps tools out of the box for IBM i mean you can start small and add functionality as you need.

We automate end-to-end workflow with open source technology

ARCAD for DevOps “Classic”: core IBM i CI/CD modules

IBM i Application Analysis

Run a where-used analysis across your entire application to reveal the impact of any code change. Navigate IBM i applications graphically for easy code comprehension.

Version control for IBM i

Version control and concurrent development for native IBM i source code. Manage authorizations and complete audit trail of code changes.

Smart “Dependency Build”

Optimize the recompilation of IBM i applications with 100% automation. ONLY impacted components are recompiled, and in the correct order.

Application Release Orchestration

Deploy IBM i applications and database upgrades with auto-rollback on error. Manage application dependencies and critical data “as code”.

Add “Shift Defects left” with automated testing and quality check

Automate your code quality & security checks

Automate a quality gate for your applications – detect hotspots and security vulnerabilities at their source.

Automate regression testing

Safeguard application reliability in production with automated, data-oriented regression testing.

Automate unit testing

“Shift defects left” with developer-side testing to reduce cost and time.

Add deep Git and open source integration

Source control for IBM i

Manage native IBM i source code with open source tools such as Git. All the advantages of Git in your familiar IBM i development environment, RDi or 5250.