About Us

Our history


2006.- The beginnings

Zoluxiones began its operations related to technology and other services in 2006 under the name of Zoluxiones Consulting, providing different services related to operations management, call center and information technology.

2011.- Growth

Zoluxiones takes its current name and specializes in information technology services related to application management and support service management.

2017.- Consolidation

Since 2017, Zoluxiones began a process of consolidation and transformation of its services, orienting them to the needs of the global market, adapting its service lines to serve different companies with differentiated services according to their needs.

2023.- Internationalization

Zoluxiones Group has been growing naturally the company is already attending foreign companies so we realized that is time to grow outside of our borders for the internationalization. In that reason, we opened two subsidiaries companies on Charlestone – North Carolina and Miami – Florida. Charlotte is the new technological hub many technological companies are being moved from California.

Our Competences

We are prepared to take on the challenges that the changing world of technology brings

At Zoluxiones we continue to expand our service portfolio, consolidating strategic alliances, developing technological projects and adding talent. Our personalized solutions and services, during the various phases of the projects, continue to characterize us.


  • Pudu Robotics
  • Gausium
  • OrionStar

Application Development

  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Cloud
  • Legacy

Data Analysis:

  • BI
  • Big Data

Artificial Intelligence:

  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning

IT Governance:

  • TMP
  • Scrap

Infrastructure Management:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • IBM


  • RocketBot
  • Automation Anywhere


  • AWS
  • GCP
  • Azure


We are aware of the ecological impact of our work, so we implement practices that reduce the digital carbon footprint

01. We use alternative resources and practices that are friendly with the environment

02. We reduce the use of physical resources that generate waste

03. We expand the green areas with tree crops

Our guarantee


ISO 9001
Quality management systems
ISO 27001
Information Security Management Systems
ISO 14001
Environmental management systems
ISO 37001
Anti-bribery Management Systems

Our Ethic

The sense of ethics deserves to be highlighted as the fundamental pillar of our company where our organizational culture rests and is formed by a set of values that support our vision and mission and guide our daily actions in the company.

Our mission

Provide services and solutions that facilitate and help our clients achieve results.

Our vision

To be one of the best organizations of leading professionals in the provision of information technology services for top-tier corporate companies.

Important values

Our values

Maintain and be able to fulfill our commitments to customers and the company with transparency and honesty.
We have great passion for being the best professionals, for our company and for our clients.
It is very important to us to treat others with patience, fairness and dignity.
Execute things in the best way, delivering quality services with feedback and continuous improvement.
Fulfilling our objectives and commitments to customers, the company and the environment.
Respect and value the cultural and individual differences of all with an inclusive work environment that is friendly to different perspectives and thoughts.

Gerardo López CEO

Gerardo López, who has led the Zoluxiones Group since its inception as General Director and Zoluxiones as General Manager, has been developing services practices in information technology and consulting aimed at corporate clients in the financial, telecommunications, retail, mining, and health sectors, among others.
Likewise, as part of his extensive and solid professional and work experience, he has assumed positions as General Manager, Country Manager, Service Manager, Solution Manager, among others, in corporations such as Microsoft, Unisys and Deloitte.

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