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    The Service Company
    IT Services
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    search and management of talent
    Talent for IT and operations
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    Business Solutions
    Document Management, digitalization and Electronic billing

Zoluxiones is a corporation specialized in providing services and business solutions about information technology.

W e outsource the management of specialized resources as well as of complete business processes so that our clients can focus on their core business.

Our key software solutions focus on electronic billing, document management and investment management.

We’re in permanent search of the best talent to participate in our many projects.

Why choose us?

These are a couple of reasons of why our clients prefer us


More than 10 years providing IT and Outsourcing services.

Personalized services

We adapt our services according to your needs.

Operative excellence

Specialized and trained teams with tools to ensure quality service

Trust of market leaders

Experience in providing services to top tier multinational and national corporations.

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