Environmental Policy

ZOLUXIONES BPO S.A.C., within its environmental policy defines the commitment to carry out our activity within the parameters of sustainable development, maintaining control and management of its activities for the care of the environment especially those most significant. Likewise, it establishes a common framework for defining the objectives and carrying out the activities that contribute to the continuous improvement of the environmental management system and the impact on society.

01. Act in accordance with environmental legislation, standards and applicable guidelines, attending to the standards of excellence in environmental management systems.

02. Make Zoluxiones BOP S.A.C employees aware of the conservation and care of the environment through campaigns and strategies for the responsible consumption of natural resources and efficient water management.

03. Encourage training in environmental aspects of our workers, favoring active participation, including suggestions for improvement proposed by them in order to promote continuous improvement.

04. Minimize the generation of waste of any kind (cleaner production), ensuring responsible and safe management, and prioritize, whenever possible, reuse and recycle materials.

05. Carry out a periodic annual evaluation of the environmental aspects derived from our activity, for the purpose of maintenance and continuous improvement of the environmental management system.

06. Respect nature and biodiversity in the environments in which the ZOLUXIONES BPO S.A.C. office is located. Preventing environmental, occupational and property risks

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