4G Banking Solution


Why banks should replace its old core banking?

In these pandemic and post-pandemic times, the trend has been to carry out banking operations online instead of going to the bank offices. This change in habits has forced financial institutions to be much more efficient and adapt to new technological needs where the main service channel is no longer physical branch. Now the main channel are in the cloud where are located in the web applications and APPs on Smart phones. Banks have moved to the screen of your workstation and to your Smart phone, which is why Banks require a 4th generation banking core that is complemented by digital technology and that is operated entirely in the cloud in addition to having been developed in programs that are used in artificial intelligence such as phyton like the one that Zoluxiones offers.


Why our core banking:

  • We offer a Core Banking of 4th generation 100% operative in the cloud.
  • A highly configurable Platform. Our core is completely flexible capable of being operated by any bank in the world.
  • Built using API micro services, our core improves the bank’s competitive positioning, its ability to innovate and its security.
  • Our core banking provide with these 3 principles:
    • -1. It is cloud native
    • -2. Serves small institutions and large banks
    • -3. Offer the product in a SaaS model or Hosted by the client in a public or private cloud
  • In particular, our core banking has demonstrated great success with large banks.


Benefits of working with 4G Banking Solutions:

01. Innovation


Cloud native technologies align with agile development practices, allowing rapid time to market to launch financial products and services.

02. Single Platform


Universal product engine that manages all types of Retail and Corporate banking products on the same Platform.

03. Performance


A core with high availability, resilience and scalability to serve Tier 1 banks with high transaction volumes.

04. Real Time


Ability to provide information in real time and at the speed that clients demand. Everything happens in real time

05. Api Only


Completely accessible through APIs. The use of synchronous and asynchronous APIS platforms opens up new strategic possibilities.

Vault Products

All products work on a single framework. Banks can use them as is, modify them or create their own from scratch.

VaultSmart Contracts

Consumer People Banking

Checking Accounts

Savings Accounts

Time deposit

Personal Loans


Family/Youth Account

Grupal Account

Schedule Saving

Credit Card

Fast Saving

Buy Now Pay Later

Multi Currency

Loyalty Balances

Credit Line


Corporate Banking

Credit Facility

Revolving Credit

Margin Deposit

Guarantee Loans


Corporate Credit Card


Account multiple currencies

Factoring Services


Private Banking

Hybrid Accounts

Reward Bundles

Risk Concentration

Account Aggregation


Balance Aggregation


Money Market


Structured Deposit

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