4G Core Banking Implementation


Why our core banking implementation:

  • At Zoluxiones, as a provider of the best 4th generation banking core developed entirely in the cloud in Python, we provide you with implementation services and support you in your digital transformation to leave those old and obsolete banking cores developed with old programs created several decades ago
  • We support you in all stages of the project from gap analysis, development, quality assurance, implementation, installation and post-implementation support.
  • At Zoluxiones, we have IT personnel from Project Managers, developer engineers, quality assurance engineers, all highly qualified and certified with experience in the implementation of core banking with agile methods
  • The services provided by Zoluxiones are guaranteed by our extensive experience supporting leading financial institutions
  • We support all products that your financial institution’s needs
  • Future proof technology architecture
  • We support all products that your financial institution’s needs
  • Shorter build, especially for greenfield Banks
  • Highly adaptable, flexible and configurable
  • Attracting top talent
  • Velocity of New feature releases

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