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Customer satisfaction review

The intent of this project is to allow marketing and customer success teams to understand how they can get a complete view of customer sentiment towards their products. By creating a singular solution that can benefit and influence the decisions of a variety of teams in a single organization, smarter, more holistic strategies can be designed to optimize customer retention, improve products, make smarter inventory decisions, and adapt marketing strategies.

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Demand forecasting (commercial)

This project allows retail analytics teams to forecast product demand over a period of time. With easy project customization and the ability to adjust data flow to your needs, the Demand Forecast solution enables retail companies to optimize sourcing and production planning, inventory management, pricing and marketing strategies, and much more.

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Customer lifetime value forecasting (retail)

This solution shows retail organizations how to predict the future value of their customers and organize them into well-structured groups, in order to optimize their efforts to increase revenue over time. The Customer Lifetime Value solution is designed to address highly practical and necessary applications for business users, allowing you to develop an understanding of your customer base, create customer groups, forecast customer lifetime value, and integrate all of the above into your sales strategies and marketing.

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Process mining

Process optimization as a means to reduce costs and improve efficiency is a constant priority for companies. During economic periods when cost pressures are especially pressing, focusing on process optimization becomes even more critical to ensure continued business success and resilience. Create a visual map of your processes based on readily available process records. Quickly drill down into specific processes, analyze outliers, and apply powerful statistical techniques to enable remediation and optimization efforts.

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Delivery dock optimization (logistics)

This solution shows warehouse managers and production planning teams how to leverage incoming truck tracking data to manage their assignment to warehouse docks and optimize yard management efficiency.

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Our AI Solutions.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Our AI and ML solutions include comprehensive and intuitive machine learning tools. We reduce risks, optimize resources and enhance processes.

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Data Management

We have professionals in engineering, architecture and data management capable of creating information pipelines, ETLs, data marts, data warehouses or data lakes. You will be able to have a reliable business analysis based on data and real time.

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EDW, Datalake and Lakehouse Design and Implementation

You will be able to store and process data in different formats to keep a correct and orderly record of information.

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Descriptive Analytics

All your team members responsible for decision-making will get the reliable information they need. Our service offers a transparent, understandable and easy-to-use interface.

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Advanced Analytics

Make the best decisions by anticipating various scenarios based on predictive data analysis, where you will discover patterns and observe trends.

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Analytical Consulting

Monetize your organization’s valuable data and drive insight, process improvement and innovation. Our specialists will design a strategy and define the processes required to capture the value of your data.

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