Business solutions

We analyze in depth the current situation of your company to implement the software solutions that will allow you to achieve your objectives.

We guide you throughout the integration towards digitization with: user training, support, migration process, configuration and constant evaluation.

Analytics Service

We generate intelligence from the discovery of insights from data stored in different sources, which allows us to make strategic decisions that help us achieve business objectives.

Descriptive Analytics Service

  • You will be able to design powerful and intuitive dashboards to help users to obtain relevant information.
  • Create, manage, administer and share reports quickly, combining multiple applications and sources.
  • You will get the metrics of your main Social Networks in a single panel.
  • Our geoanalysis tools will help you find and analyze geospatial relationships.

Advanced Analytics Service

  • Project Structuring: We facilitate project development by translating business requirements with advanced analytics to provide best practices.
  • Modeling: Uncover patterns, observe trends, pre-hidden discoveries, forecast and optimize processes.
  • Implementation of the analytical platform.

Data Management Service

  • Data Strategy: The use cases are dimensioned and sequenced to develop a plan.
  • Definition of Data Governance: We analyze data-related processes for proper decision-making.
  • Data Culture: We ensure the adoption of data solutions so that users are able to read, analyze and communicate with data.
  • Elaboration of Data Architecture: We develop a map of all the components with which it is going to interact.

RPA processes

We robotize the operational processes of your business, increasing efficiency and user experience

Our methodological process includes:

01. AS IS process analysis

  • Identification of robotic processes
  • Survey of AS IS processes

02. TO BE process design

  • Proposal for process improvement integrating automation.

03. Business case

  • Evaluation of costs, times and other variables of the line of business with the robotic process.
  • Stakeholder engagement.

04. Automation

  • Automation of the process by using RPA tools.

05. Deployment

  • Verification of compliance with the corporate RPA governance model.
  • Automated process deployment.