IT managed services

Our IT service management professionals have experience and advanced certifications to guarantee the availability, security and continuity of IT services

Our personalized support service adapts to each type of business need


Smart help desk

You will have a single access point for the attention of your users, which will record the requests. Your solutions will go according to the level of support defined and, as a result, will provide information for further analysis and improvement in the levels of attention contracted by the organization.

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Technical support

We provide face-to-face technical assistance permanently or whenever required by end users at their locations. Our professionals have the skills to work in the different IT services that an organization has.

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Physical inventories

You will have control of the resources delivered to the users for the development of their tasks (computer equipment with its components, applications and their licensing). In addition, you will be able to establish the improvements in terms of costs and performance of the same within the organization.

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IT massive deployments

We carry out optimizations in computer resources, mitigating any risk or impact that affects the continuity of the work and within adequate execution periods for the organization.

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Technological renovations

We improve users’ computer equipment with new features and functions, ensuring that changes are made at the right time and with the least impact to the organization’s users.

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Equipment preventive

We ensure the availability of the organization’s computing resources through scheduled activities. With this we guarantee the useful life of computer equipment for end users and ensure the investment of the organization.

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Services goals

We help to maintain the availability, continuity, security and support of the different technology services of your business

01. Centralized Management


02. Assistance Requested from MDA


03. Daily Continuity of Operation


04. User Orientation – Self Help


05. Physical Inventories


06. Physical Preventive Maintenance


07. Monitoring and Control of Assets


08. Performance Indicators


Lo que obtienes

Beneficios de implementar nuestro servicio de administración de TI

Buenas prácticas

Parte de un modelo de buenas prácticas de Gobierno TI orientado a garantizar la continuidad del negocio y su valor generado para el usuario final.

Optimización de costos

Impacta directamente en la maduración de procesos con efecto inmediato, optimizando costos en la gestión de servicios TI.

Mayor productividad

Influencia en la productividad de los usuarios finales al garantizar la resolución de servicios de TI en tiempos predecibles.

Alto valor

Contar con un proveedor especializado en servicios de Mesa de Ayuda enfoca la gestión del área de TI en agregar valor al core del negocio.

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