Our “Robots as a Solution” replacing people in hazardous tasks, humans are irreplaceable our robotic solutions helps to eliminate the human’s risk, and our Robots as a Solutions are capable of working, handling, lifting heavy loads, cleaning restrooms, toxic substances, dust our robots solutions do repetitive tasks all days and night.


We have the pleasure to introduce our Robots as a Solution:

  • For repetitive tasks, we offer the adorable robots affordable for rent, no need to buy it just rent it for a days or hours, wherever you need it.
  • As a commercial solution, we support you with robots that attend your clients in restaurants, for catering services we supply robots that carry Champaign and snacks for the guests
  • Helps workers to replace products in the supermarkets shelf.
  • As advertising solution, our robots walk through the malls displaying your propaganda on its screen… and more.


  • Adorable design
  • Multimodal interaction
  • Independent suspension system
  • Induction tray
  • She can receive your guests and take them to the room or hall where a reception is being held

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  • Delivery and reception robot, it can walk among your customers offering them to taste the products that the store offers.
  • It has a screen to show commercial advertisements to customers while offering samples of its products.

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  • You can take an elevator to provide safe and reliable room delivery.

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  • Dual disinfection mode
  • 99.99% disinfection rate
  • 360º disinfection
  • Long lasting battery
  • Autonomous navigation and location
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  • Large load capacity of 60 kg
  • Location function
  • Control by air movement
  • Autonomous navigation planning

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  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • Does not require human assistance for draining/filling water and recharging
  • Avoids obstacles and people automatically
  • Provides signals to warn people
  • Generates cleaning reports
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