Robots as a Service (RaaS)

Robots are transforming the way of doing “business” in shops, malls, restaurants, social events, because they give a distinctive touch because they make customers happy with their friendly presence and charming appearance.

At Zoluxiones we offer services based on robotics, we rent robots for different uses and needs, save money, it is not necessary to buy a robot which represents enormous savings in terms of maintenance, programming in addition to the cost of the Robot.

“Robot rental” services allow robots to be easily accessed and used when and where they are needed for any period of time, creating greater flexibility.

The robots we rent as services are quickly configured by our team of mechatronic engineers so that your customer’s experience is unforgettable.

We dress our robots according to your brand and they also have a visible screen to show interactive advertising.


Robots as a service:

  • We provide robots for rent including a robotic solution, that is, the client does not have to invest in purchasing robots.
  • Robotic promotional campaign services for companies in different industries.
  • Robotic tasting campaign services in supermarkets.
  • Branded product launches with robot support.
  • Campaigns to “pull customers” to the commercial premises.
  • Promotional campaigns for branded products in supermarkets.
  • We commercialize and implement robots in companies in addition to providing support and preventive and corrective maintenance.
  • We market, install and maintain a stock of parts and pieces necessary to replace damaged ones.
  • We provide remote and on-site support.
  • We provide robotic service in supermarkets to replenish stock on supermarket shelves.
  • We provide robotic orientation service to event participants.
  • We provide robotic waiter service for event catering.

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