RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

We offer the RPA experience services with two versions, the automatic process means that it is not required attention the services is fully automatic and with support it means that any employee can make a manual process in any point but just if it is necessary so after that the RPA continues automatically efficiency.

Our services include Analysis, Provide the license, the implementation and overall the support we are available for any time, you can reach us by email or by mobile.

RPA processes

We robotize the operational processes of your business, increasing efficiency and user experience

Our methodological process includes:

01. AS IS process analysis

  • Identification of robotic processes
  • Survey of AS IS processes

02. TO BE process design

  • Proposal for process improvement integrating automation.

03. Business case

  • Evaluation of costs, times and other variables of the line of business with the robotic process.
  • Stakeholder engagement.

04. Automation

  • Automation of the process by using RPA tools.

05. Deployment

  • Verification of compliance with the corporate RPA governance model.
  • Automated process deployment.
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