The AI revolution in Customer Service and sales optimization

calendar_month 9 Feb 2024

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AI is changing the way companies interact with customers and make sales in the context of hybrid sales, where online and offline strategies are combined to deliver a more efficient shopping experiences. According to a recent report from Nosto , a company that creates personalized customer experiences, “almost 90% of retailers use personalization in their businesses, but only a few use advanced personalization strategies.” In this context, the introduction of artificial intelligence through intelligent chatbots is revolutionizing customer service in the field of hybrid sales, which has become an essential tool for today’s companies.

Chatbots: the beginning of this revolution

“Chatbots are trained to solve doubts and provide assistance in real time, significantly improving the customer experience and speeding up problem resolution,” explains Sergi Ramo, CEO and hybrid sales specialist at GroWZ Consultants. “This allows the company to adapt to changing market demands,” he added. In addition to faster and more efficient customer service, AI drives sales. As a result, Lamo noted, “AI enables companies to analyze vast amounts of customer data and their buying patterns, making it easy to identify personalized cross-sell and upsell opportunities. By gaining a better understanding of customers, companies can make relevant recommendations and offers, increasing the chances of closing the sale. “Another important aspect of AI is the automation of repetitive tasks in the sales and marketing process. AI-powered automation simplifies customer relationship management and frees up sales teams to focus on more meaningful interactions and strategic: “In addition, artificial intelligence can help predict customer needs through predictive analytics, which makes it possible to plan sales and marketing strategies more effectively,” concludes the hybrid sales specialist.

The role of chatbots in transforming customer service Virtual assistants, powered by artificial intelligence, can communicate with customers immediately and efficiently, resulting in faster service and problem resolution. In this sense, Ramo highlights that ” chatbots have proven to be an invaluable tool for improving customer satisfaction, providing accurate and timely responses, and allowing companies to provide support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.” In addition to being quick to respond, chatbots also contribute to the success of cross-selling sales strategies.

These virtual assistants can effectively identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities by analyzing relevant customer data and buying patterns. “Precise personalization and chatbot recommendations can increase conversions and overall sales,” Lamo explained. As companies adapt to hybrid sales, the implementation of intelligent chatbots is becoming a priority because they not only reduce the workload of customer service teams, but also free up staff time to focus on interactions. more significant and strategic with clients. “This not only improves the customer experience, but can also have a positive effect on long-term customer retention and loyalty ” concludes the expert.

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