Agile leadership – “Lead by example”

calendar_month 29 May 2019

perm_contact_calendar Por: Zoluxiones

“Lead by example”

Our learning system is by imitating the referents or those who we consider to be our teachers, so the most important factor in Agile leadership is being the example to imitate.

This guideline seems very simple to implement, however, it is not that common. The leader must act according to the mentality that we want to promote, he or she is the reference of their teams in the organization. It’s not about people doing what the leaders say, it’s about people doing what they see.

So the goal of the leader is to clearly communicate the goal. Along with the purpose of this, and let the team decide how they are going to do it. The leader must provide the alignment team by communicating the WHAT and allowing autonomy by letting them discover the how. Everyone is a leader within their organization.

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