Anti-Bribery Policy

Our company has defined the fight against bribery, prevention of money laundering, financing of terrorism and illicit activities that hinder the growth of our country as a fundamental policy in the performance of our activities and in the provision of our services.

It must be recognized that on an increasingly recurring basis and worldwide, financial institutions, insurance and pension fund managers are being used to grant legality to transactions and operations related to money laundering and terrorist financing. In this sense aware of the dire consequences of these illegal acts, the international community has been adopting severe controls and penalties designed to combat said criminal activities.

01. No member of the company ZOLUXIONES BPO S.A.C., is allowed to pay, offer, accept or receive a bribe in any way. An employee of our company should never:

  • Offer, pay or give anything of value to a public or private official in order to obtain business or any benefit for the company.
  • Attempting to induce a public or private official whether local or foreign, to do something illegal or unethical. The employees of ZOLUXIONES BPO S.A.C. will not provide advice or other assistance to individuals who attempt to violate or avoid complying with anti-money laundering, anti-bribery and terrorist financing laws or with these policies
  • Pay any person when it considers, or has reason to suspect, that all or part of the payment may be channeled to a public or private official.
  • Offering or receiving anything of value as a “quid pro quo” to obtain business or the award of contracts. The commercial activities of ZOLUXIONES BPO S.A.C. must be protected so as not to be used in money laundering, anti-bribery and financing of terrorism.
  • Using illegal or inappropriate means to influence the actions of others; or offer anything of value when we know that such action will be contrary to the rules of the recipient’s organization.
  • Make a false, or misleading, entry in the company’s books or financial records.
  • Act as an intermediary for a third party in the request, acceptance, payment or offer of a bribe or illegal commission.
  • Do anything to induce, assist, or allow someone else to violate these rules. The collaborators of ZOLUXIONES BPO SAC, who have suspicions about certain operations and who deliberately avoid investigating further, wishing to stay out of it, may be liable to be considered as accomplices due to voluntary blindness within the scope of the criminal laws against Money Laundering. Assets, Anti Bribery and Financing of Terrorism.
  • Ignore or stop reporting any suggestion that raises suspicions of an illegal act. The employees of ZOLUXIONES BPO S.A.C. Those who identify suspicious operations related to money laundering, anti-bribery and terrorist financing must report them to the Company’s compliance committee through the mechanisms established for this type of event.
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02. Achieve acceptable business results, recognition from society and leadership in the sector, improving competitiveness and quality compared to our competitors. All the estates of ZOLUXIONES BPO S.A.C., must adhere to the policy of “Know your Client”, “Know your Market”, “Know your Employee” and “Know your correspondent bank”

03. Comply with all the legal requirements that apply to us, as well as any other regulatory requirement that is indirectly related to the provision of our services and those that we voluntarily subscribe with our clients.

04. In addition to complying with the specific prohibitions just cited, our employees must act based on the company’s ethical values ​​when evaluating any other activity that could be perceived as corrupt or illegal. ZOLUXIONES BPO S.A.C., will ensure that all the collaborators of its member companies have a high level of integrity.

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