Digitalization in the Automotive Industry – Case Study: AleseCorp

calendar_month 10 Dec 2021

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The automotive world has always grown hand in hand with the consumer, face-to-face experiences have been part of the entire process of buying a car. A clear example of the experiences at each stage are the remembered conventions of the MotorShow. From exposure, contact, negotiation; the user was creating a personal experience with the vehicle. And this process was not exclusive to an event, in each automotive house it was developed in the same way.

What happens when a pandemic interferes with this process?

In this edition, we speak with Cesar Incháustegui, the corporate media manager of AleseCorp, who gives us a new panorama of the automotive industry and the business group he leads.

A company that evolves in the face of new needs.

About the AleseCorp group is a group in the automotive sector that has approximately 25 years of experience and in these years has managed to consolidate a very important position in the sector. Alese sells vehicles of the Kia brand, Chery, MG, among others and is linked to the main importer of the region and Europe, SKbergé. Autofondo is another company that belongs to the group and specifically markets the Chevrolet brand in all lines of the brand. In turn, Alese Peru markets high-end vehicles such as Geep and Godge that are related in an alliance with another reputable dealer. As a Premium line, they are direct importers of the Maserati brand through the company Alesi, in addition, this complemented with the company that manages financing (Autoplan) which is the collective fund company and Finanplan which is the company dedicated to renting.

New needs, new growth options.

One of the great challenges generated by the context of the last two years has been the distance between the product and the user. Cesar Incháustegui tells us how important it is for the Peruvian customer to participate in person in the acquisition of a vehicle: “The consumer is used to going to a point of sale, seeing the vehicle, touching it, manipulating some of its functions, among other experiences”. And not only on the part of the client, in matters of resale or auctions generated in assemblies, the superintendence of the stock market required the presence of the participants. Additionally, the aftermarket business such as workshops were also affected with this aspect and even monthly installments needed more personalized payment options. Additionally, the measures taken due to the effect of the pandemic were shortening the possibilities of sale and growth of the automotive fleet.

However, in the face of these new needs, new proposals emerged. In recent years digitalization had to be accelerated to maintain technology as an ally, Alese Peru is a great example of the application of measures in front of the context.

Faced with the first objective that was to shorten the gap between the customer and the product, César expresses the following: “We needed to give more options to customers such as user experience and other facilities to bring our products closer to our target audience. That is why we accelerate the development of digital media such as web channels and apps, which can somehow facilitate the experience in the sale and after-sales of vehicles”.

In this way, projects of sales experience, consultation and after-sales options began to be developed. They developed an application with the possibility of entering the point of sale virtually through an interactive showroom, in this way the client can visit the premises safely, observing the vehicles on display and obtaining specific information to achieve an objective purchase. In addition, the applications are not only designed to show visual information or technical characteristics that are part of a query, they also allow you to develop the purchase process, from the quote, the test drive, continuing with the reservation and generating payments through a secure platform. Another valuable option for the consumer is the possibility of monitoring the process, keeping the customer informed from the immediacy of an application, observing what stage of the process they are at and knowing when delivery is already available, is a transcendental value.

A near future.

César also tells us that there is still a long way to go, digitalization in the automotive industry is at an early stage compared to other countries. However, this depends on working together, with organizations that revolve around what the acquisition of a vehicle entails, we talk about financing processes, insurance policies, the issuance of plates, among other permits, in addition to different payment methods including biometric technologies that over time can facilitate the experience of acquiring a car from virtual platforms. César tells us about it “it is not alien for foreign markets the complete acquisition online, in the future, we hope that, in our country, people can buy their vehicles from a cell phone or computer, managing the complete configuration of their product and why not, waiting for it at home through a delivery modality”

The decisions taken today base the bases to achieve a correct digitalization and the possibility of scaling to the options that the future proposes, in this industry. The momentum that the current context has fostered is only a preview of how necessary these resources are.

Zoluxions as a Strategic Ally

During this process “Zoluxiones has accompanied us in the implementation of these projects, the digital layers at the sales, after-sales and showroom level, will allow us to continue with the development of the business, expanding the capabilities of the market…” Cesar said, he also said “he  considered that having a strategic ally like Zoluxiones that has an excellent technical team, solid, with experience of people with a presence in this industry and the combination with young professionals who are soaked in new technologies, is key to achieving the objectives set”

Digitalization is the key to maintaining or enhancing any type of business; transcending in the market, consolidating a position or facing new contexts requires the use of technologies. That is why we are happy to collaborate with companies like AleseCorp on this digital implementation journey and we are confident that soon we will be able to help more companies take the next step hand in hand with information technology.

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