Is an IA technology revolution coming?

calendar_month 28 Feb 2023

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The concept of art is evolving due to the enormous advance of technology, we are facing a new artistic movement that could be led by artificial intelligences (AI).

Recently, an artwork made by an AI won an award and generated outrage among the participants who worked on their pieces with their own hands. The reason? The person who used this AI only needed to make a description in a few words of what they wanted to create for the AI to produce the digital image.

In this case, the work was done in Midjourney, an artificial intelligence program that converts text into personalized images. That is, users enter a series of words into the program and the AI only takes a few seconds to interpret them and return a unique image.

Other similar programs are NeuroGen, Latent Diffusion or Craiyon; some of them have free versions and others are paid, the amazing thing is the endless creative possibilities available to anyone, we could even talk about an automation of creative jobs in the future.

But, does this mean the end of many jobs related to illustration and graphic design? Not necessarily, let’s remember that technology does not seek to replace humans in their functions, but rather to provide them with tools that they can take advantage of. In this particular case of AIs that produce images, they can be a very valuable resource that helps designers and illustrators to work faster. Their easy access can help emerging artists with low resources who cannot produce a work in the traditional way. Even the emergence of new jobs with specialists who know how to communicate to AIs exactly what they are looking for is one of the most likely scenarios.

These artificial intelligences have learned from various image banks and authors to generate a series of connections in their system that reproduces the final image; that is, it does not copy any element from other pieces, but learns from styles and creates from it, just as a human does, only at an amazing speed. Incredible, isn’t it?

It is not yet clear if these artificial intelligences will need human judgment to work, they are developing technologies that will awaken a great debate in the future about the production of visual content; however, it should not surprise us that in time AIs will be developed for every professional area such as engineering, medicine, law, etc

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