Leader of digital transformation

calendar_month 27 Aug 2019

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Digital Transformation is changing the traditional perspective of the management of organizations. The continuous change to which technology pushes us means that we must reorganize all business management towards a digital relationship model. Technology changes traditional work processes and the latter modify the relationship established between employees, clients and collaborators of a company.

They must know all the areas of a company to direct it, understand the processes and have great determination.

They are, in short, leaders. Some of those characteristics of the managers of the future are:

  • Leadership: unlike the traditional boss, who was limited to giving a series of guidelines in a more or less authoritarian way, the manager oriented to Digital Transformation is a leader who guides the team to achieve the proposed objectives. You must enhance the feeling of delivery of the employees with your example, being the most competitive of all of them.
  • Innovation: he is a restless leader, who always proposes new, more efficient ways of doing things. He is not afraid of changes and he is the first to try things.
  • Disruptive: Digital Transformation is disruptive, which means that it breaks with everything established so far. The leaders of this transformation must also be, and be characterized by thinking independently, looking for efficient alternatives and taking risks.
  • Chameleons: change and uncertainty are their natural habitat, therefore they have the necessary initiative to continuously adapt to the new situations that the market and Digital Transformation push the company.
  • Socially active: the above attributes are useless if you are not able to communicate successfully; they respect the opinion of the employees who lead and know how to use all their skills to convince staff of the need for disruptive change.
  • Determination: when leaders adapted to Digital Transformation set a series of objectives, they are persistent to achieve them. They are capable of modifying the roadmap if necessary, always with the will to achieve the objectives.

The balance in all these skills is essential to achieve being a leader capable of promoting technological change in an effective way.

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