Quality policies

ZOLUXIONES BPO S.A.C., has defined Quality as a fundamental part of its policy and strategy to achieve total customer satisfaction based both on compliance with established work processes and on the requirements demanded by clients and different organizations in Peru, Mexico, Bolivia and the United States

01. Work with a Quality Management System that establishes our way of acting in terms of the quality of our services and products setting objectives and goals that help to improve their provision providing the human and economic resources to our scope to achieve them guaranteeing the delivery of our products and services within the established deadlines.

02. Deliver quality services and products guiding the management to the satisfaction of our clients, interested parties and the active participation of our collaborators obtaining results that guarantee an adequate development during the execution and delivery of the same.

03. Establish a firm commitment with CUSTOMERS to fully satisfy their requirements and expectations, for this we guarantee to promote a culture of Quality based on the following principles:

  • Compliance
  • Honesty
  • Leadership
  • Human Resource Development
  • Solidarity
  • Commitment to Improvement
  • Security in our operations
  • Internal and External Communication
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Fullness

04. Achieve a commitment to Quality on the part of all our collaborators, providing and promoting the development of competencies, training, continuous training and the training necessary for the effective performance of their functions; so that in this way a team of collaborators with a high vocation for customer service, commitment and responsibility can develop in a climate that encourages teamwork.

05. Provide a stimulating and pleasant environment that facilitates Quality work for our employees at ZOLUXIONES BPO S.A.C., with a spirit of teamwork and customer service oriented

06. Maintain an adequate relationship with our suppliers as an external interested party of importance for our organization constantly reviewing and evaluating the services or products that are requested and their performance during their delivery since they influence the quality of our final delivery to our clients.

07. Ensure quality management during the provision of our services supported by reference frameworks, work frameworks, agile methodologies and established guidelines for handling and information. Which will allow us to standardize processes, have greater speed in the delivery of services, focus on customer satisfaction, and have management indicators that allow us to evaluate the performance of all elements, for the portfolio of services of ZOLUXIONES BPO SAC, such as IT Managed Services and Help Desk; the Software Development Factory among others.

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