The change towards devops

calendar_month 28 Jun 2019

perm_contact_calendar Por: Zoluxiones

DevOps is an increasingly popular term in digital work environments that refers to the union between development (Dev) and operations (Ops), and in this case, how development teams and those in charge of the Operations management need to communicate constantly to develop applications in an efficient and organized way. A DevOps aims to bring the work of software developers closer to that of other professionals dedicated to IT (Systems, Networks, Security, Engineering, etc.) to help produce and develop versions of programs more quickly, with fewer errors and greater adaptability for end customers.

The advantages that DevOps can bring to an organization range from reducing infrastructure costs to influencing the improvement of product quality. This facing the outside. Internally, having DevOps in any company means constant collaboration between the different teams that make up the IT department and with the company in general. In this way, more trust is generated between development and operations teams through quality, allowing greater flexibility and adaptability.

This is how DevOps is made for change, being an inevitable step to maximize the quality of our customers’ experience.

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