Big Data and its participation in the improvement of the Health Sector.

calendar_month 2 Dec 2022

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Technology and medicine always worked together for creating the most efficient machines to detect and deal with many diseases previously thought to be incurable.

This technology applied to the technical tools of medicinal use, is not the only benefit that can be obtained for the benefit of health; the information obtained from the health centers is abundant and used to be very complex to be understood by traditional means of data processing.

Fortunately, the technology has advanced achieving benefits for this sector, understanding large data and being processed by automatic learning algorithms and data scientists; promoting more optimal care for patients.

With the objective of obtaining predictive models that help to anticipate sanitary needs, many Big Data techniques are applied, obtaining multiple benefits.

  • Achieve a holistic vision of patients
  • Personalized and efficient care thanks to obtaining comprehensive patient profiles.

Improving also the analysis on the health sector to implement a medical center and succeed successfully.

  • Identify geographic markets with growth potential
  • Boost medical care marketing efforts with information on the needs and preferences of consumers, patients and doctors.
  • Directly identifying patterns in health outcomes, patient satisfaction and hospital growth.
  • Accelerate the growth rate of the hospital to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the staff.

All these parameters have been mentioned, preparing the way to what is known as “Medicina 4P”.

  • Preventive medicine, which, in order to avoid physical deterioration, the internal characteristics and environment of the patient are known.
  • Personalized medicine, for ultra-individualized therapies and thus achieve the best benefit in each case.
  • Predictive medicine, which thanks to regular monitoring could detect pathologies before they manifest symptoms.
  • Participative medicine, which puts the patient in the decision making center.

In Zoluxiones, we bet on the efficient use of technology for the benefit of final users and sectors that participate in this continuous improvement.

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