Design Thinking

calendar_month 24 Sep 2019

perm_contact_calendar Por: Zoluxiones

The Design Thinking methodology has become in recent years a very useful tool for companies, because it focuses mainly on promoting the resource that generates the greatest value in products and services: innovation.

Today’s brands, large or small, seek constant innovation, they know that in these times of digital transformation, high competitiveness and demands from users or customers, the business depends on this path.

Design Thinking is a methodology that considers analysis and reasoning as important as intuition for solving problems. This allows you to build ideas based on function and emotions.

This methodology revolves around the user experience. Your application generates solutions that otherwise could not have been implemented, allowing developers to put themselves in the shoes of their own customers or users. Finally, the objective of this process is to learn from the reactions of users when interacting with the product

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